Comments from some satisfied customers...


"OK, I've listened to it four times now... and it's brilliant!! Well worth the wait! Absolutely amazing!

And we may have to buy a second one for David because I've been really
piggy about keeping this one all to myself.
I love the way one song flows into the next; it is very relaxing to
listen to music that flows so eloquently. Every song feels like it fits together like the
parts of a jigsaw puzzle and when you have the puzzle completed you
feel like the world is perfect just at that very moment. I even sat
and listened to the whole thing in the dark. That was a very cool idea." - Gina R. / St. Louis, Missouri


The cd arrived exactly in a week as you said!! Yesterday morning after breakfast I got the cd,

put it on my computer cd player, and all I can say is that I only stopped it for lunch

(and it was only because I went out for lunch!!). Even today, I can't turn it off and

it's gonna go with me to work tomorrow in my mp3 player!!
It sounds amazing! Everything I expected from an incredibly talented musician like you,

and more! I wish my English were good enough to explain all that I feel about it!
Great work, beautiful songs, wonderful music! A very exciting experience!

And I can already tell it's among my favourite albums!!
Only one thing's missing... you coming on tour to officially present it here! - Patricia M. / Argentina


"... if you like Jeff Beck, or at least like two of his best
albums, 'Blow by Blow' and 'There and Back', rush out right now, stop
reading the rest of this review, and purchase this album.

This is good ole straight forward rock guitar with
rock beats that appears to be heavily influenced by Beck's work in terms
of style and sound. In fact, from the sound standpoint, I'd say this is
really like "George Martin Producing Jeff Beck". And that's a *very
good* thing. I never get tired of hearing 'Blow by Blow' and 'Easy
Journey' is striking me that way in spades thus far." - Scott H. / Missouri


"When did you learn how to play like Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix

and the Beatles all at the same time?

That CD is a work of art. I loved every note.

It really does take the listener to another place." - Ron G. / Ridgewood, NY


"OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Got home from work last night, and there was a package from

my sister Donna, and lo and behold inside was the new cd!

I put it on immediately, and shut the lights off, and just enjoyed it to the max!

Kudos to you, goff, and also to steve, and manny. Awesome stuff man!

Already sent the word out to alaska, and florida, and chicago." - Glenn G. / Long Island


"You have to dig how I played the CD in my truck. 

I drove to Binghamton NY at 3:00am last Monday. Pitch black, highways completely deserted.

I'm rolling through the hills of northwestern NJ, heading for Scranton.

The cosmic sounds of the GT orchestra are blasting from the speakers.

I wanted to close my eyes and really get into it, but of course

I would have ended up in a ditch. It was quite an experience. Made the ride really pleasant.

Please do a four-hour CD so it covers the whole drive." - Bernard E. / Maspeth


"Got your CD the very next's great...good luck" - Avner L. / Long Island


 "Just wanted to tell you the CD arrived today,

and after a very hectic work week, I am enjoying it immensely. All the best." - Donna G. / Long Island

 " Got my CD in the mail TODAY....Been listening to the downloads for awhile.
Even put the cover on my screen saver. I can only say one thing:
WHO THE HELL NEEDS VOCALS....(No Disrespect to the "Par Four Singers" intended)
I like the whole package...the walking in the snow with, I assume is Donut,
and Godfrey...Peaceful, yet intense." - Eddie K. / Florida


"We knew it was going to be good and that we would enjoy it but, we were not prepared for this…

Astral Progression, truly amazing… Closer 2U shines with the magic (the magic of four)

that keeps us coming to see you guys at the Parsons shows.

Your work on Whitefeather truly set you on equal footing with any master craftsmen.

… the vocal harmonies truly inspired.

Thank you… this is truly a gift from and too the soul.

Please forgive me for going on but I wanted you to really understand that you have

in fact spread joy and made our world a little brighter.

Kindly pass on our fond thought to Steve and Manny as well." - Lorraine & Bill G. / California


"The anxiously awaited CD arrived today.  Listening now for the second time. 

I really like it.  Haven't picked a favorite track, but Freeze does a good job on " Gaga."
One question -- when can we hear this LIVE??" - Jim B. / Long Island


"Boy O' Boy.... I must say you've Created a delicious Album.. I can see that someone tapped into their Spirituality.....

All the Best for everything you do in your days.... I felt the Passion, Love and Intentions Vibrating through your music....

I Believe I found new music for my Massage and/or Yoga Classes..

My soul was lifted and able to Float into the Waves  sent through this album.....

You guys are Good... I can't be More Happier for you!!!!

My Love & Thanks for the opportunity of being in your Presence and the Gift of Music Created" - Dina G. / Long Island


"What can I say? It's brilliant. I'm not just saying that, either.

I love it, and I'm a die-hard prog and classic rock fan.

It's fits in nicely along with all my Pink Floyd, APP, Genesis, Rick Wakemen, etc. Thanks." - Mike D. / Missouri


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